Today Zsolt Bagi, head of workmanship, celebrates his 40th birthday. Congratulations to him, wish all the best! Keep up the good work, live the 86 life!

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New product! AE86 coupe bootlid

AE86 coupe bootlid now ready for taking orders! Pricing and details on the products section.
Weight of most of the frp ae86 products now updated.

Walaki's 86 photoshoot

New photos of our latest project car can be found in our photos section. >click< Many thanks to miki3d for his work, absolutely professional job! Thumbs up! You can see more cool photo albums by him (with a lot of automotive realted stuff) here: indafoto.hu/miki3d/2011_08_23_ae86

AE86 Day @ Visonta, Hungary - Walaki's 2011 AE86 debute

Only 3 days after we finally let go Walaki's car from our workshop it was already 6th of August! It's the 86 day! Yay! Every year, us, the 86 owners celebrate our favourite cars of them all, worldwide! We set up a meet at the gokart track of Visonta, Hungary. The core of the hungarian 86 community gathered for some cooking and drinking, talk about our cars and how we progress and to crank up the horses and go sideways!

The meet was the perfect time for our freshly finished 86 for its debute the first time to the fellow 86 owners and also test how it works when used as it was intended to.
Check out how the first XTR built ae86 with black heart under the hood slides!

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