XTR Style bodykit components

  • XTR Style Levin/Trueno aero front bumper
  • XTR Style aero rear bumper
  • XTR Style sidesteps
  • XTR Stlye front wide fenders
  • XTR Stlye rear wide quarter panels /fenders

Rear fenders (quarter panels) for hatchback (3door) (OEM copy)

(Levin/Trueno hatchback)

Price: €135/side, €270/pair

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Hatch for hatchback (3 door) (OEM copy)

(Trueno/Levin hatchback)

Price: €210

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Bootlid for coupe (2 door) (OEM copy)

(Trueno/Levin coupe)

Price: €210

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OEM copy sidesteps

(Levin/Trueno hatchback/coupe)
Materials: glassfibre cloth in polyester resin.
Compatible with all oem Levin and Trueno body.

Price: €110/side, €220/set