Our Stock of Cars

xtr stock Want to get a project car but cant find any or you can only find too expensive for a project starter?

Don't worry! In case you want your car to be built here, we have a couple of AE86 and E7 chassies gathered especially for that reason.

These cars were saved from scrapyards because they can be rebuilt and have a nice second life as race cars or modified street cars.

When people ask me, I always say, don't buy a decent 86 as project base for a lot of cash, its shame to break a car like that. If you want a serious beater of any kind, you'll throw away all the factory parts anyway, you only need the bare shell.If you want your car to be built here, now here is the chance to do it clever. We have the shells you need right here for really cheap. 

White KE70 coupe "de-luxe"

  • Registration: none
  • Condition: average, heavy rust on rear axle and rear quarter panels
  • Missing: some minor parts
  • Note: has all the nice chrome parts in good condition