XTR competition chassies, formerly known as X-TURBO amongst the hungarian car builders and turbo tuners, were founded by Zsolt Bagi and Roland Palóczy in 2001. At that time we mostly repaired crashed or rusted out street cars and started to learn turbo tuning and working with fiberglass, kevlar and carbon materials. we produced various body parts and extensions for euro cars, for the "tuning" scene. Soon we had many turbo tuned cars rolling, gaining us a lot of experience in tuning and maintenance and we also had good feedback on our frp products.
Today, we are a small group of 3 mad car enthusiasts consisting of Zsolt Bagi, Lajos Turi and Benjamin Bagi, specializing on building, modifying or rebuilding vehicles for racing use or tune them for the streets. Young or old, doesn't matter we give them the balls! ;)
The drifting scene and it's early core car, the Toyota AE86 Corolla is very important for us so we constantly trying to dig deeper in the topic as well as gaining knowledge in other old-school  70's, 80's, 90's japanese cars, especially when it comes to drifting use. Right now we have a full range of fibre reinforced plastic body panels for the 86 from the top to the bottom and a complete scheme for repairing, modifying, reinforcing and lightening the body, that is in its on way, unmatched anywhere else.

Our goal is to stand out from the crowd by giving our clients what they really need for their application from an experienced professionals viewpoint and execute in top quality while staying affordable.