Chassis metalwork

  • crash repairs
  • total rust removal even from the chassis rails.
  • creating new chassis rails and other structural parts
  • creating additional reinforcements, rails, braces for competition use
  • removing unnecessary metal to save weight
  • rollcage fabrication through certified partner ranging from basic 4 point cages to the full wrc style advanced cages

Composite bodykits and replacement panels.

The advantages of Fibre Reinforced Plastic (aka frp) parts: won't rust, won't bend, saves a lot of weight.

  • We have a full range of Toyota AE86 external panels and...
  • We have various parts for euro cars we can produce on order within 2-4 weeks(depending on amount), check our products page for listings!
  • We can make custom parts or simple frp copies of oem panels for your car for weight reduction or stylish appearence.
  • Materials can be chosen from:
    • basic fibreglass reinforced plastic(glass fibre fabric in polyester resin) with coloured gelcoat finish
    • carbon / kevlar / mixed fibre reinforced plastic (carbon, kevlar fibre cloth or mixed material in epoxy resin) with matte epoxy finish, clear lacquered finish or coloured gelcoat finish.

Suspension overhaul and fabrication

  • total cleanup and rebuild the oem parts
  • bushing replacements with poly-bushing or balljoint conversion
  • adding adjustablity to non-adjustable oem parts
  • coil-over damper build and conversion
  • drift-spec front lower control arm and steering fabrication
  • LSD rebuild

Engine rebuild, tune and maintenance, both naturally aspirated and turbo engines

Turbocharger system installation

  • We can turn your NA sucker into a boosted performance engine!
  • We choose the right turbocharger for your application and engine and make all the piping, the intercooler, the injector and fuel supply changes, head, cylinder block, piston and conrod changes and if necessary, we can make the turbo exhaust manifold too.

Standalone engine control unit (ECU) install, wiring and programming

A true performance engine can't be complete without the right management.

  • Our well experienced programmer can balance, increase the performance and fine tune your engine using VEMS, MoTeC or DTA engine management units.

Paintjobs and coatings

  • All of our suspension, drivetrain, engine bay products, rebuilt parts or parts placed in the interior and rebuilt oem parts are coated in powdercoat or galvanized / gold or silver plated (if the actual part is not made of stainless or other corrosionproof material)
  • We can manage your resprays through our reliable partner paintshop. Almost any kind of paintjob, colour and effect material is possible.

Graphics, carwrapping, vinyl decals

  • We have an airbrush artist at hand if youre interested in traditional art graphics applied to your car
  • Carwrapping and other vinyl signage is also available: we can wrap your car in a different spot colour or large format print. We can apply any kind of advertisements, sponsor ads or any artistic graphic. All of these are done using removable vinyl films.